‘Zubair Khan’ complaint against BB 11 host Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan, ousted from reality television show “Bigg Boss 11”against Salman after the star actor lashed out at him in the episode aired Saturday (October 7th) for badmouthing women inmates. Salman even called Zubair a “fraud” over the contestant’s claim – since denied by members of the family of gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s sister – that he was Haseena Parker’s son-in-law.

Zubair claims Salman told him, “Tere ko kutta banaunga, tu bahar nikal tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tere ko industry me kaam nahi karne dunga, tereko marunga.”

After BB 11 contestant Zubair fell sick, he had to make an emergency exit from the Bigg Boss house and was hospitalised. Later, during the Sunday episode, Salman announced that Zubair had got the minimum votes among those nominated and hence was evicted.

Contestant Zubair also claimed that “Bigg Boss” is “fully scripted” and slammed it as a “fake reality show”.

An official of Antop Hill Police Station said that late on Sunday (October 8th), Zubair had submitted a written complaint against Salman.

The official said “However, we have lodged a noncognisable complaint and transferred it to the concerned police station in Lonavala, Pune district, which has jurisdiction to investigate it.”

Within this week inside the Bigg Boss house, Zubair Khan had managed to have major fights with other contestants Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra. He even made lewd allegations on Arshi Khan.

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