WWE Raw results: Undertaker’s surprise appearance at ‘Wrestlemania’ 33

An action-packed WWE Raw managed to attain numbers of good results that a cover-up for fallouts of Fastlane on Sunday(5th March), which could have provided crucial change in the energy to head-up for the biggest show of the year ‘Wrestlemania’.

The surprise appearance of Undertaker became another headline of the night. Undertaker threw a challenge to Braun Strowman, who kept on asking for a venerable competition from Mick Foley, the General Manager of Raw. But when he came in face-to-face with Undertaker he withdrew from the competition.

Roman Reigns got elicited from this act to make his entry and told the Taker to stay away from Strowman. In response, Undertaker challenged him for the biggest show ‘Wrestlemania’ with a look and also showed a signal of hanging him from the rafter.

It will be an appropriate ‘Wrestlemania’ for both. Reigns has continuously won many matches though, his fans haven’t backed him fully and on the other hand, Undertaker needs a strong contender in opposite. The ending of the WWE Raw was crisp and sweet, which gave the audience a satisfactory ending where Undertaker chokeslammed Reigns.

There were other events also which took place in the WWE Raw, Chris Jericho made his appearance on the show seeking for answers for the Kevin Owens attack’s on him. Chris and Kevin were best friends about three weeks ago, when Kevin betrayed Chris.

The WWE Raw had various episodes from good to okay with sufficient action in it. Some surprise events also took place, including the Undertaker and Reign’s face-off, which is good enough for a start.

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