Undertaker wrestling career’s “last chapter” at Wrestlemania 33

There was nothing more that an ace wrestler ‘The Undertaker’ can do to prove himself, so here is the time to bid farewell when he is finally reached to the closure of his wrestling career.

The Dead Man got retired after losing his last battle to Roman Reigns at Wrestlmania 33, who was supposed to get retired a long ago.

He has been well known personality and iconic figure for more than a decade, has doubtlessly grabbed a good sum of salary from his yearly visit at WrestleMania. The recent sloppy appearances he made in the ring were not good enough to convince anyone of us, as these sloppy moments were all because of Undertaker’s fault. He is too old and beaten up to perform in the kinds of battles that emerged him as a legend.

We cannot judge anyone, since no one is perfect, but the movement was a microcosm of the whole, sloppy, hard to watch, which supposed to be the main event of WrestleMania. Being honest, the SmackDown Woman’s title match that took place was way better and entertaining.

The loss to Roman Reigns was the second defeat that ‘The Undertaker’ has suffered at WrestleMania, while he had managed to won an unpredicted 23 matches in his wrestling career.

He lost his first match in 2014, against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

After some time, when Jim Ross escaped to the match, the heart and mind of the Taker were still there, but body was not. He asked to join with other members of the WWE Universe in saying: “thank you, Taker.”



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