“Terror attack” on Venezuela Supreme Court, says President Nicolas

In a “terror attack” against the government, a helicopter dropped two grenades on Venezuela’s Supreme Court building, according to the President Nicolas Maduro.

In remarks delivered from the Miraflores presidential palace President Nicolas Maduro said “I have activated the entire armed forces to defend the peace.”

Reportedly, the besieged president, who for weeks has been thundering about alleged coup plots against him has put military on alert to respond to the alleged assault.

Maduro declared, “Sooner or later, we are going to capture that helicopter and those that carried out this terror attack.”

However, the time and reason of the alleged attack was not mentioned by the President. He although said that no one was injured and one of the grenades failed to detonate.

54- year-old President said that in addition to firing on Venezuela’s high court, the helicopter flew over the Justice and Interior Ministries.

The President also said the aircraft was flown by a pilot who worked for his former Interior and Justice minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, from whom he is now estranged.

Maduro also warned the US President Donald Trump that Venezuela would fight back against move like US-backed coup attempt.

“If Venezuela were dragged into chaos and violence… we would fight,” Maduro bellowed in a speech to supporters.

If a rebellion prevented his side fulfilling his contested reform plans, he said, “We would achieve it by arms.” He said that an armed intervention in his country would spark a crisis that would dwarf those caused by conflicts in the Middle East.

Addressing Trump, he said: “You are responsible for restraining the madness of the Venezuelan right-wing.”

A number of times, Maduro has claimed that the US is to blame for the serious political and economic crisis in the oil-producing country, which has fueled the often violent demonstrations of recent months.


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