Social media networks together with Microsoft to fight terror

The social media giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have joined their hands with Microsoft to start a forum aimed to fight terror.

The four technology prominent aimed to help make their “consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists”.

As reported by a media agency, in a joint statement given yesterday (27th June), they said, “The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism will formalize and structure existing and future areas of collaboration and foster cooperation with smaller tech companies, civil society groups and academics, governments and supranational bodies such as the European Union and the UN.”

Reportedly, in its preliminary stage the group plan to focus on working together to purify and develop existing joint technical work, such as the Shared Industry Hash Database.

It also plan to exchange best practices as they develop and implement latest content detection and classification techniques using machine learning; and defining standard transparency reporting methods for terrorist content removals.

According to the media agency, “The group of four technology giants also decided to commission research to guide future technical and policy decisions around the removal of terrorist content, and work with counter-terrorism experts, including those with governments, civil society groups, academics and other companies, to engage in shared learning about terrorism.”

The joint statement also said that “the spread of terrorism and violent extremism is a pressing global problem and a critical challenge for us all.”

Adding further it said, “The forum we have established allows us to learn from and contribute to one another’s counter-speech efforts, and discuss how to further empower and train civil society organisations and individuals who may be engaged in similar work.”


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