Orders of re-poll by Election Commission

As Punjab elections held on February 4th in Punjab, latest news of re-poll comes up where in some areas of Punjab; the voters will again get a chance to cast their vote.

The main conspiracy is that the areas where the re-poll is are the areas of Akalis. As per orders of election commission, 48 polling stations of various districts including Amritsar are there.

The re poll of elections in 16 polling stations of Amritsar Lok Sabha Bye elections and 32 polling stations of different 5 assembly constituencies (Majithia, Mukatsar, Sangrur, Moga and Sardulgarh)

The re-poll elections date is February 9 and the detail of re-poll polling stations is as follow:

Amritsar Lok Sabha Bye election – 16 polling stations

Assembly Constituencies

Majithia – 12 polling stations
Mukatsar- 9 polling stations
Sangrur- 6 polling stations
Sardulgarh- 4 polling stations
Moga-1 polling stations


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