Kevin Owen ferociously attacks Chris Jericho in Germany

World champion Kevin Owen on Saturday, during live WWE’s event in Regensburg brutally attacked his former friend Chris Jericho Champion of United States.

Chris Jericho did not recover from the previous injuries he got while fighting with Owens during their last match “Festival of Friendship” on Monday Night Raw. Although not in condition to compete, but still he made a surprise visit in front of the audience on crutches.

The audience was stunned to see the bravery of Chris Jericho that he entered the battlefield on crutches to get beaten up by Kevin Owen once more. Chris appearance disturbed the contest of prizefighter that was going to take place against Roman reign.

Tough Kevin Owen moved forward to begin another ruthless attack on his former best friend, Chris Jericho during WWE Lives ‘Road to “Wrestlemania Tour in Germany”.

Soon after the violent attack, Chris was examined by the doctor and was stretchered out of WWE Regensburg. Kevin attacked Chris with the crutches he came with so, crutches turned out to be the weapon for Kevin. He left Kevin bleeding with pain in the ring and Chris immediately was taken to hospital.

Kevin Owen is a Canadian professional WWE Wrestler performs on the Raw band and currently known as “Universal Champion”.

On the other hand, Chris Jericho is a Canadian American WWE wrestler who performs on the Raw band but not as popular as Kevin Owen. Both of them were once best friends but during Jericho’s “Festival of Friendship” on Raw, their friendship broke in an eye-catching manner.

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