Gurdas Maan’s song ‘Punjab’ in critic

On social media, the latest song ‘Punjab’ of popular Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan has induced a mixed reaction. Although there are millions of views it has captivated on YouTube and other online platforms but along with that Punjabis showed a critic over it.

In the video of song, Maan plays the role of Time and by taking Shaheed Bhagat Singh from year 1917 to present day where the crimes against women are not rebuked, drug abuse is uncontrolled and agriculture is in terrible channel.

The demand of viewers on the song is that it should have been released before elections in order to consider these issues in front of political parties making promises. On YouTube, a poem goes like “Will sing a song after the elections; will awaken Punjab after the elections.”

The viewers are pointing to his point of illustrating liquor as a social evil where earlier in one of his song, “Aapna Punjab hove, ghar di sharaab hove…” he said this.

Even the video is criticized as without weighing major events like Operation Bluestar and Partition, 100 years of Punjab history has been covered.

The song shows deep concern of Gurdas Maan and conveys a great message to the people of Punjab.


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