Christie Brinkley’s bikini love while gardening

63 years old model and actress Christie Brinkley reveals that she always prefer to don a bikini when she is gardening or pottering around her house so that she can bronze her skin without getting any tan lines.

The three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model loves the classic swimwear style so much, she even puts one on as she does household chores and doesn’t plan on stopping no matter how old she gets.

Talking to the media, this beautiful actress said, “I always put a bikini on and say, ‘Oh, it is just to wear around the house. I am not going to go anywhere in it. I just want to get a little colour while I am gardening’. I run around trimming my begonias to even everything out so I don’t have any tan lines.”

“When you’re naked, you want those parts tanned,” she added.

The star believes if a female is courageous enough to don a skimpy bikini, then she should continue to do so regardless of any critical comments they receive.

“You know what? You can’t really critique a person over 50 — it is just like, if they are brave enough to put on a bikini then you let them be,” Brinkley said.

However, like others she also applies a lot of sunscreen to protect her skin from harmful rays of the sun.

“I don’t care how much sunblock you put on, when you’re outdoors as much as I am, you’re going to get some colour. Where I live there is a side of the island that is the hotel area, and I end up paddle boarding down when I don’t intend to be there,” she said.


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