Snapchat Stories feature soon in WhatsApp

Facebook is planning to launch a new feature for the owned WhatsApp which is going to be alike to the stories feature of Snapchat. At first, this feature will be a part of iOS and […]

2017 Chevrolet Cruz Diesel launched price starts at $24,670

With the mileage of 5.4km/l the 2017 Chevrolet Cruz Diesel Sedan has become the car with highest highway fuel economy of any non-hybrid/non-EV in America. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially certified Chevrolet Cruze […]

7, 000 light years away, pulsating star spotted: astronomers

A rare pulsating star has been spotted by astronomers which is contracting and increasing at the same time in three different directions. As per astronomer Farley Ferrante, who is a member of the team who […]

HTTPS based website for security: Google

As the security directors of Google said, to protect the users from security attacks, the best and the safer way is HTTPS-based website. He even highlighted that search engines of South Korean do not support […]

Microsoft’s ‘Digital Geneva Convention’ on cybercrimes

The protection from cybercrimes is a crucial point in which a top company took as step of “Digital Geneva Convention” to protect the civilians from it. Also, week before “Future Decoded” event of Microsoft highlights […]

Autoplay video with audio in Facebook

Facebook is coming up with a new update in which the video will have an autoplay sound on NewsFeed for which users don’t have to tap over it. Facebook says that the video watching on […]