The World Tuberculosis Day 2017, to spread awareness of the disease

Every 24th March of the year is commemorated as ‘The World Tuberculosis Day’ all over the world. It is an event that takes place world widely, to spread awareness among the people about the global epidemic […]

New vaccine against rotavirus could curb child deaths

To prevent rotavirus, an economical and affordable new vaccine which does not require refrigeration is discovered recently. According to a trial done, this vaccine was almost sixty seven percent effective in preventing gastroenteritis caused by […]

Measles-Rubella vaccination in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu government has announced today that eighty eight percent of Measles-Rubella vaccination is done in the state,overcoming the rumours against the drive . It is said that around 1.54 crore children are vaccinated with […]

Snake Venom gives Abbey Clancy a youthful skin

Beautiful,shiny and flawless skin reflects your overall well being. Since many ages, everyone is trying to get a fairer, healthy and rejuvenated skin. And when it comes to the females, one can easily imagine their […]

Boost your attention span by “Mocha Lattes”

Caffeine and cocoa taken together can actually enhance the attention span of a person. Yes, there is good news for coffee lovers who used to have coffee during the work time or studies hours. A […]

Yoga diagnoses depression

A good news for those who are facing the silent killer “Depression”. Now you can get rid of this fatal unpredictable disease by simply doing Yoga. Yoga is a physical exercise that involves different body […]