Australian market plummets over Korean Peninsula anxiety

Growing concerns of investors about geopolitical events on the Korean Peninsula is causing the Australian share market to bleed drastically. According to a report, the stock market analysis shows that at 11.40 a.m., the S&P/ASX200 […]

Gold and note ban: How does black money turns white, then yellow

Gold imports have gathered more steam in the past six months, suggesting the yellow metal has acquired more glitter since the government’s move to the demonetize high value currency notes.After the announcement of demonetization last […]

This week’s top 10 European tech breaking

Like every week, has traced 16 technology M&A transactions and 60 tech financing deals making up to €223 million in Turkey, Europe and Israel. Here is an outline of the 10 biggest European tech […]

‘Cheerful Spring’ witnesses by world economy: IMF chief

The world economy is witnessing a cheerful “spring” according to the IMF chief Christine Lagarde but she also warned that “sword of protectionism” would overshadow trade outlook. While addressing an event organized by Brussels-based think […]

China’s Moutai turns to be the world’s most expensive liquor company

Moutai, a hugely popular drink in China has become the globe’s most valuable liquor brand at a market valuation of $71.5 billion, surpassing Johnnie Walker brand owner Diageo. The market capitalization of Moutai attained $ […]

Manmohan Singh imparts full support to GST bills

Former India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh strongly backed the goods and services tax bills on Thursday (April 6th). Before passing the GST bills by Lok Sabha, it went through the Rajya Sabha. As the amendments […]

Narayana Murthy says Remuneration hike to Infosys COO ‘not genuine’

N R Narayana Murthy said today (April 3rd) that remuneration increase to U B Pravi Rao, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Infosys approved by the administration in February was not ‘Genuine’ and “will likely […]

Bharatiya Mahila and five associate banks to incorporate with SBI

The Bharatiya Mahila and five associates Bank merged with the State Bank of India (SBI) on Saturday (March April 1st), launching the largest lender of country to enter the top 50 global banks. State Bank […]

Lok Sabha passes Finance Bill by refusing the Rajya Sabha’ amendments

The Lok Sabha has passed the Finance Bill on Thursday (March 30th), without mentioning the amendments proposed by the Rajya Sabha, a day earlier. Opposition members in the Upper House have passed the Bill on […]