Bray Wyatt eliminates John Cena: WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results!

John Cena, the holder of SmackDown’s  Live  top crown, is set to get in a daunting call of saving his top position  inside WWF’s savage creation called- The Elimination Chamber. 16th World title champion will  fight against the WWE Star Bray Wyatt along with A.J Style,  he defeated at Royal Rumble. Cena will compete live against intercontinental champions Baron Corbin, The Miz and Dean Ambrose on WWE Network.  Shane McMahon, SmackDown LIVE commissioner, announces Jan 13th, 2017 is going to be the star- studded WWE lineup of Smackdown Live.
Glass pods, chain-link walls and steel made floors of Infamous Elimination Chamber sound so brutal and diabolical. Its twisted structure will rule the war zone inside the Chamber.  These two WWF stars will bout like two pods in a pea on the scheduled date. The pod will open to release one fighter inside the Chamber to fight. It will continue until all the competitors to enter the Chamber. Pinfall or submission will decide the eliminate of a candidate until the last fighter standing. This fighter will be declared as a winner of WWE championship.

These challengers are skilled and qualified at their attacking skills and badly hungry to pin down the Cenation Champ. A.J. Styles projects himself as ” The Champ That Runs the Camp “, and The Fringe is also willing to grab this title to add another metal to this wins. In the month of September, this champion has lost WWE Title to Styles. The Miz also wants himself to be treated as A- Lister, whereas , The team Blue’s win can support his claim. If The Wyatt family wins, this will strengthen the claim of Bray Wyatt on Smackdown LIVE. The Lone Wolf, the dangerous warrior, will also feel right inside the Chamber.


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