Arjun Kapoor doesn’t want to get marry soon

Birthday boy Arjun Kapoor, who turned 32 years old today, says that he does not want to get marry soon and his family is aware of his frame of mind about wedding.

In a telephonic interview, the Bollywood actor said, “”I think my family is pretty aware that I am not in that frame of mind at all. They are pretty chill that way. Actually nobody has brought up the topic yet.”

He also revealed that this year, apart from work, he wants to enjoy the personal moments also.

One of the most famous Bollywood actor of Indian film Industry, Ajun said, “”I have not thought about it specifically but I will definitely keep working and take out more time for myself. I want to balance my life… My last year has gone into filming because I shot ‘Half Girlfriend’ and ‘Mubarakan’ back to back.”

Arjun is also looking forward to maintain equilibrium between his personal and professional life.

“I am hoping to do lot more work also but find a better balance between my work and personal life. I do want to take a holiday with my friends this year so that’s something high on my agenda,” he added.

Responding to a question that is this birthday going to be a working one for him, he said,

“It’s a combination of working and chilling… I have not planned anything because we are in the middle of marketing and promotions (for ‘Mubarakan’). I want to chill with my friends and family, but I am yet to figure it out. I am not a very good planner.”

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