Alison Brie thinks it difficult to stick to principles in Hollywood

One has to surrender his principles occasionally in order to get work in Hollywood, says American actress and producer Alison Brie.

According to a media report, it is often difficult to deny anything, especially for a neophyte as they do not have the option to reject the type of roles being offered to them.

“No one wants to be out of work! Certainly, when you’re just starting out, it’s hard to say no to things, particularly when no one knows who you are.

“You need to build a resume before you can be picky.

There’s a risk of never doing anything if you say no too many times the doors stop opening for you at all. So it can be scary,” says Brie.

Also known as “Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling”, Alison Brie says, “One can always hope to draw inspiration from one of the characters they end up portraying. You can find values in roles that you may have thought would not be valuable. As a woman, of course, you want to play meaty roles. I’ve learnt a lot from roles that seem less interesting on the surface, but that poses a bigger challenge to me and I end up growing as an actor.”

The actress, stars in Netflix’s new series “GLOW” which has just debuted its first season and its one of the streaming service’s most buzzed about shows in a while. GLOW stands for “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.”

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