AAP will bring back Punjab to worst situations: Amarinder

Amarinder Singh, chief of Punjab Congress while at the last step of poll campaign lashing over at AAP, promised to bring back all those Sikhs back to the country who are there in jails.

Being at rally in Purani Dana Mandi, Congress CM promised to cancel all the wrong FIRs which are lodged against Sikhs around the country and he will bring all those Sikhs back to Punjab.

Amarinder even says that with great difficulties, the terror ended from Punjab and again the entrance of AAP over here can bring terrorism and violent disruptions for the people of the state.

Captain Amarinder by warning Arvind Kejriwal said “extreme left-right ideological mix” of AAP and the “dirty politics” is played by chief minister of Delhi which will bring dormant Khalistani elements.

Captain says that AAP is enormously unsafe for Punjab by referring Manish Sisodia, leader of AAP party.

“What have they been doing for the past two and a half years,” he asked, adding that such “inexperienced leaders” could not be allowed to take over the reins of a sensitive border state like Punjab.

He also informs people of Punjab to be cautious from Kejriwal and his “false promises and propaganda”. The leaders of AAP cannot be believed and we cannot trust their malicious intentions.


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