A welcome initiative: Bullet proof helmets for Indian Army

In a very welcoming move, Indian government has issued bullet proof helmets to Indian army to safeguard the lives of jawans on the border. These helmets have the capability to bear the impact of 9 mm bullets fired even from closer range.

Reportedly, the Indian government has spent Rs 180 crore for around 1.6 lakh bullet proof helmets.

A report by a media agency said that NSG commandos have also got new ballistic helmets with glass visor that can save them from eye injuries through splinter or grenade blasts. The helmets that National Security Guard got, of the top notch NIJ-III specifications that define the best bullet proof protection, weigh 2.6-kgs.

Manufactured in the companies based in Kanpur and Fatehpur districts of Uttar Pradesh, the bullet proof helmets are made of Kevlar.

Noticeably, the initiative comes months after Prime Minister’s Office had asked the NITI Aayog to prepare a roadmap for incentivizing manufacturing of light weight body armors within the nation.

Made of Kevlar, the bullet proof helmets can be upgraded to include communication, night-vision device and camera. It is important to note here that the material Kevlar was used by Batman for his trademark suit and cape.

Most of the time Indian security forces are deprived of such equipments, particularly the light weight ones. Ironically, India is a major producer and exporter of body armor. According to some reports, Indian firms export bulletproof vests and helmets to British, German, Spanish and French armies, and police forces from Japan to the US.

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